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Creative Cactus Coffee Mug and Saucer Set


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Approximate Size:
Height: 6cm
Diameter: 8.7cm (About 8.3 ounces)
Diameter:30.7cm Height:1.6cm Width:11.2cm

This is a minimalist-style mug.
The body of the mug has been added with lovely plant elements.
The cup features a bright green color and a personalized handle.
The dish of mark cup bottom broke the impression of the traditional round dish, used rectangular design, the two sides of the tray joined the element of fragrance, making integral look, lively and fashionable.
Because it is fired at a high temperature, the glaze is smooth and the density is higher. So when you finish your coffee, it's very easy to clean.
This mug always looks noble and charming.
When it is opened from the packaging, every place it appears will be embellished.

How it's made
- The specially made glaze melts at high temperature, forming crystals and binding to the surface of the mug.
- Individually glazed, making each one unique and wonderful in its own way.
- It was fired in a high-temperature furnace for 18 hours.(1220¡æ / 2228 F)

The best gift for her/him
-Most important of all: It is unique.
-Many customers like to use my pottery as a gift because it is unique and everyone uses it every day.
-My pottery uses a special method to blend the glaze, so this is the only cup in the world.
-This is your exclusive. It is beautiful and practical.
-This unique mug of the world represents his/her unique position in your heart.

Package includes
1 x Cup(the spoon not included)
1 x Saucer

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Creative Cactus Coffee Mug and Saucer Set