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DIY Wooden Book Nook Shelf Insert Kits Song Dynasty


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Together with the romantic literati and scholars, they return to the Song Dynasty, the peak of elegance.
Touring mountains and rivers, feasting friends. Singing strings and singing silk bamboo, reciting poems and making pairs. Indulge in mountains and rivers, wandering in pen and ink.
The singer's sound of playing the lute is long, and the green bamboo in the courtyard is fragrant.
The branches and shadows support the distant environment, and the friends accompany you.
I don't know who will win or lose in the game of chess, and talk happily with each other while drunk.
Recite poems and draw pictures on the small porch windows, slantingly shining on the towers and terraces, full of spring.
The place where the plum and Qin goblets lean on the railing, the cups are washed empty and the name of the tea is tasted.

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fifijoy_Bookshelf Kits


**Special Note**

This is NOT a finished product. This is a DIY kit, including all the materials needed to build the Book Nook shown in the picture. Everything requires assembly.

wood, fabric, paper, resin, plastic, metal

Package Contains:

1. The item comes with pieces, Includes all furniture displayed and needs to be assembled.

2. Glue and battery may not be included due to international shipping., you need to prepare by yourself. Thank you for your understanding and support.

4. Manual: with Colorful instructions in the Package.


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DIY Wooden Book Nook Shelf Insert Kits Song Dynasty