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Under the Sakura Tree DIY Book Nook Wooden Puzzle


Color: Under The Sakura Tree

  • Under The Sakura Tree

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Puzzle Pieces
  • 289 pieces
  • 6h assembly time (varies from different people)
  • High quality natural eco-friendly wood
  • H: 9"(23cm)
  • W: 4.3"(11cm)
  • D: 7"(18cm)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. (support@feajoy.com)

Under the Sakura Tree DIY Book Nook is a retro-style book nook design that restores the Japanese-style street. The first thing that catches the eyes is a gentlewoman in a traditional kimono enjoying the red lantern, standing next to a cute Shiba Inu, the whole scene is so warm; Down the street is the fragrant famous izakaya, open the door curtain and behold the delicious food and mellow wine; Through the beautiful cherry tree in the soft light, the looming people show a romantic atmosphere. Experience Japanese culture at its best through this amazing book nook.

  • Realistic Architecture Miniatures - We've taken inspiration from actual Japanese Izakaya & Sake Bar. The inclusion of Japanese lanterns and rustic wooden signboards depicts a relaxing scene. Drinking sake and enjoying delicious skewers under the sakura tree.

  • Build Under The Sakura Tree Book Nook From Scratch - Dive straight into constructing your very own Izakaya Bar with all the raw materials provided as you explore your creativity and create a one of a kind town alley design personalized to you.

  • A Timeless Masterpiece - Under The Sakura Tree's unique design will never grow old as a showpiece in your house. Proudly show it off on your display for a lifetime. It will also look amazing when you put it in the dark with the warm lights on!
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Under the Sakura Tree DIY Book Nook Wooden Puzzle