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Ceramic Cat Mug With Spoon & Wooden Lid


Color: Pink

  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Purple

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So, you thought the perfect cat mug doesn't exist? Because it does... And it just found you. Beautifully designed and built for people who love their cats, or for anyone who loves a stunning mug, it's the perfect way to turn any beverage into a great drinking experience.


          Whether you like drinking coffee, tea or any other kind of beverage, the included lid helps maintain the temperature of hot liquid inside, while using the complimentary stainless steel spoon to take light sips. Perfect to store sugar in or any other kinds of products.


          Contains safe, Eco-friendly and reliable materials to resist heat from hot liquids at high temperatures, so they're never too hot to hold.


          15 OUNCES (450 MILLILITERS)

          Our mugs are known for how spacious they are because they hold a nice amount of liquid inside: 15 ounces (450 milliliters). At 9 cm wide at the bottom of the mug and 14 cm high from the bottom of the mug to the top of the lid, it's the perfect size. Choose from 4 different colors and pick your favorite.


          Discover the soft feel and smooth design of our pure handmade ceramic cat mug. Soft to the feel and smooth to the touch, it was designed with precision, care and attention to detail.


          Thoroughly and carefully handmade with high quality ceramic, our mugs are a unique way to enjoy any beverage at any time. So, join us on our journey and get your very own. Great for any occasion and makes for an even greater gift!

          • Ceramic, stone and wood
          • High quality porcelain
          • Bamboo lid
          • Hand-grip shape
          • Heat resistant & eco-friendly
          • 450 milliliters (15 ounces)
          • 0.88 pounds (0.4 kilograms)
          • 12 cm in height (excluding lid)
          • 8 cm cup bottom
          • 7 cm caliber
          • 1 x spoon, 1 x lid

          Question: How many ounces do the mugs hold?
          Answer: 15 ounces.

          Question: What does it say on the mugs?
          Answer: The mugs say "Good Time" then right below that, they say "We are having a great time."

          Question: Are they dishwasher safe?
          Answer: We have the mugs ourselves, and have washed them and the spoons in the dishwasher, but the lids should always be hand washed.

          Question: Can they be microwaved?
          Answer: The mugs can be microwaved, without the lids and spoons.

          Question: Can I put any hot drink inside?
          Answer: Any and all hot drinks can go in the mugs.

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          Ceramic Cat Mug With Spoon & Wooden Lid