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Sunshine Town 3D Wooden DIY Book Nook

$89.99 $75.99

Color: Sunshine Town

  • Sunshine Town
  • Sakura Densya
  • Eternal Bookstore
  • Magic Pharmacist
  • Firefly Forest
  • Colmar Town
  • Covenant Church
$89.99 $75.99

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Puzzle Pieces
  • 246 pieces
  • 4-6h assembly time (varies from different people)
  • High quality natural eco-friendly wood
  • H: 7.5"(19cm)
  • W: 3.9"(10cm)
  • D: 9.4"(24cm)

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. (support@feajoy.com)

    Strolling through the shady European alleys at dust, passing a bookstore, buying a cup of coffee, sitting under a tree and reading a book you like, cats and dogs are playing around - it's easy to forget the time in this Sunshine Town.

      European romantic street scenes, nostalgia for the slow time in Prague

      Translucent PET roof, feel the pouring of sunlight at dusk

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      Sunshine Town 3D Wooden DIY Book Nook

      Sunshine Town
      Sunshine Town
      $89.99 $75.99