Do you plan to update the style of the room? You can paint the walls and furniture, but this takes time and money. In contrast, changing the pillow covers is the easiest way to add colorful and stylish decor to your room. You usually have three to five pillows in your room. With different patterns, the size of pillow sleeves increases its visual appeal.

The following are the ten top-rated popular Pillow Covers in our store. There are eye-catching prints, lively colors, and classic abstract patterns, and you can use them in any room. The best part is all these cute pillows are less than 29.99 dollars, so you and your wallet will be happy.

1. Modern Abstract Art Pillow Covers $18.99 (Save $16.97 on 4 sets)


With this abstract design pillowcase , your sofa will look like an art canvas. With handmade embroidery technology, the pillow cover features a modern Picasso-style cat. A clever purple curve adds to its artistic appeal. Your family will enjoy it.

2. Gustav Klimt Inspired Cushion Covers $15.99


There are few paintings in the world that symbolize love like Gustav Klimt. Our cushion with Klim's printing will enhance the charming appearance of your furniture and enhance the atmosphere of the room.

3. Meow Meow Cushion Covers $17.99 (save $35.97 on 4 sets)

Meow Meow Cushion Covers

Meow Padding Covers are funny and unique! They're cute cats in a comic style! Funny cats are sure to make you smile every time you see them! If you like them, this cushion cover is made with comfortable and lightweight linen material. It's breathable, comfortable, and eco-friendly.

4. Embroidery Pillow Covers $18.99

Floral Embroidery Pillow Covers

Combining nature elements with indoors creates one of the most relaxing visual designs. The white background highlights blooming flowers, and refreshing color matching is more appealing. Whenever you get a soft couch after work, the pillow wrapped around a tired body, there is no doubt that this is the most relaxing moment of the day.

5. Embroidery Art Pillow Covers $22.99

Embroidery Art Pillow Covers

This pillow is decorated on the front with exquisite embroidery, while the back is solid in color. These geometric outlines and decorative surfaces can be mixed with color and texture, expressing your imagination, and adding your own mysterious or bold touch to your living room and terrace. In addition, we have a variety of styles for different occasions and designs!

6. Gustav Klimt Cats Art Pillowcases $21.99

Gustav Klimt Cats Art Pillowcases

Cats have always been a part of the human psyche since ancient Egyptian times. Since then, countless artists and storytellers have sought inspiration from these unique animals to write stories and enlighten the imagination. Klimt raised a lot of cats in Viana Studio, and his love for cats was second only to his passion for women. Enjoy this selection of Klimt cats-inspired covers to give a unique flair to your living room. Enjoy, and we look forward to hearing your stories!

7. Greenainer Modern Girl Pillow Cover $23.99

Greenainer Modern Girl Pillow Cover

You can easily add a little whimsy to your life by using a pillowcase with fashionable women's illustrations. Each color pattern in the Modern Girl series pillow sleeve is appropriate for adding to your Throw Pillow collection, no matter which one you choose.

8. Modern Creative Monroe Pillow Cover $25.99

modern creative monroe pillow cover

The Creative Monroe series is the ideal choice if you want to create a retro or classic atmosphere in your home, and Her style is elegant and confident, adding excellent color to your furniture. No other work can compare with Marilyn Dream Dew. 

9. Embroidery Flower/Bird Cushion Covers $29.99

Embroidery Flower and Bird Cushion Covers

This pillow cover is made with embroidery craftsmanship. A white bottom cushion cover is suitable for any pillow, and the birds sit on wintergreen branches. The low-key decor is an ideal choice for contemporary homes.


How do you choose the correct pillowcase size?

Choose an insert that's 2" larger than the size of the pillow cover. For example: if the pillow cover measures 20x20, choose an insert that measures 22x22.