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Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook


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The bustling streets, crowds of people crowded shoulder to shoulder, facing the scene of the flourishing age that catches your eyes, instantly let your thoughts travel back to the Tang Dynasty banquet thousands of years ago


  • High quality natural eco-friendly wood, artificial plants, beads, paper



  • Assembled Size: 98*150*180mm
  • Package Size: 190*60*260mm
  • Carton Weight: About 1KG
FIFIJOY Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook


Furniture desk bookshelves and other places, decorate shops, collects, and give gifts at the New Year

FIFIJOY Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook
FIFIJOY Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook


Fun DIY Experience

The finished products are mainly through DIY processes such as polishing, dug, bonding, assembly, coloring, sewing, shape, placement and other DIY processes to create your own hut. The raw materials inside are divided into several small bags according to the material, which can be made several times.

FIFIJOY Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook
Exquisite Decoration

The material of the hut is like a real house. For example, the cabinet is made of wood, the curtains are made of curtains, and the book is made of paper head! Fully exercise your hands -on ability, almost all the scenes need you to make it yourself! During the production process, fun!

Light the World

Double -color LED lights, micro -circuit board control, uses LED bulbs, are three times brighter than ordinary light bulbs, and are more power -on and environmentally friendly. This is a good choice for environmentalists. Micro circuit is safer than plug -in,

FIFIJOY Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook
❤ Warm Tips:
  • Due to customs policy, glue or battery may not be included in the package, you need to prepare it by yourself.
  • You can choose silicone liquid glue and 3 pcs batteries (type AA).
  • After receiving the goods, please read the instruction and pay attention to the details.
  • To prevent the loss of the small parts, please do not take out all the parts at once. Follow the instructions to take out and paste them step by step.
  • To prevent the insufficient material, please cut carefully to match the materials.
  • Pay attention to the installation direction of accessories, especially those with wood grain.
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Merry Christmas DIY Wooden Book Nook