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Eternal Bookstore Book Nook


Color: The Covenant Church

  • The Covenant Church
  • Eternal Bookstore
  • Magic Pharmacist
  • Sailing Memory
  • Butterfly of Unknown Lands
  • Sea Hunter
  • Diagon Alley
  • Sakura Densya
  • Sunshine Town
  • Under The Sakura Tree
  • Firefly Forest
  • Colmar Town
  • Havana Stroll
  • The Ancient City Of Flowers
  • Dreamland of Alsace
  • Time Travel
  • Magic House

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"I've had so much fun building the Eternal Bookstore book nook! It has so many miniature books with vintage fixtures. Relaxing and calming for sure! I love it!"

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. (support@feajoy.com)

Why Miniature Crafts?

✔️ Inspire Imagination & Creativity
✔️ Encourage Learning, Concentration & Patience
✔️ The Ultimate Bonding Experience
✔️ Perfect As A Gift
✔️ Stress Relief (Take Your Mind Off)

  • Furnished With The Finest Details - Every single item in Eternal Bookstore Book Nook is crafted with extravagant details down to the touch. 

  • Realistic Architecture Miniatures - We've taken inspiration from famous fictional bookshops that we wished it exist in real life. Inspired from the mixture of Harry Potter's Flourish & Botts and Hugo's Monsieur Labisse Bookshop; a two-storey bookstore with exquisite wooden panel across the entire room.

  • Build Eternal Bookstore Book Nook From Scratch - Dive straight into constructing your very own mystical and vintage bookstore with all the raw materials provided as you explore your creativity and create a one of a kind town alley design personalized to you.

  • A Timeless Masterpiece - Eternal Bookstore's unique design will never grow old as a showpiece in your house. Proudly show it off on your display for a lifetime. It will also look amazing when you put it in the dark with the warm lights on!

  • No Additional Tools Required - Everything you need to build Eternal Bookstore Book Nook is provided inside our kit. Simply unbox and start crafting!
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      Eternal Bookstore Book Nook

      The Covenant Church
      The Covenant Church